Date : 13-01-12 10:45

Stability was much more increased as a result of carried out purposeful measures at “Shaki Regional Electric Network” during last period.

According to the information given by mentioned enterprise to the Press – release of “Azerenergy” JSC, capital and maintenance repair work were implemented at the transformer points by 10/0,4 kV and at the lines by 10 – 6- 0,4 kV in order to strengthened electric power supply.

As the source informed, carried out repair – restoration work during last three months was much more strengthened at “Ipek kombinati”, “Kish”, “Gokhmug”, “Aydinbulag”, “Goynuk”, “Turan”, “Shorsu”, “Deyirman”, “Bash Kungut” and “Bash Zeyzid” TL  by 10 kV under “Shaki” EN.

In additional, reconstruction work was successfully implemented under the lines by 0,4 kV. For example, more than 2 km distance of the TL   was repaired at Zeyzid, Dehne, Kish, Verezet villages and Turan settlement. At the same time, repair work were implemented at 30 TP.

Analogical measures were implemented at “Oghuz Electric Network” belonging to the balance. Lets` noted that, about 6 km distance was repaired at “Oghuz”, “Gumlug”, “Khachmaz” and “Garabulag” TL by 10 kV.

As the source informed, repair work was implemented at 18 TP by 10/0,4 kV under Oghuz EN during three months.

As the source informed, these type of measures was operated at “Gakh” EN and different setting repair work were implemented at “Deyirman”, “Gipchag”, “Ilisu” and “Goraghan” TL by 10 kV in order to strengthen electric power transmission. Capital and maintenance repair work were implemented at about 15 km part of above mentioned lines. At the same time, about 15 km of the line by 0,4 kV belonging to the enterprise balance was repaired.

Repair work was also implemented at about 10 TP by 10/0,4 kV.

It should be noted that, realized traditional repair – restoration work make opportunity for supplying of the consumers with much more quality and regular electric power.