Date : 22-12-11 10:36


Repair work was carried out at the transformer points (TM) and energy carriers belonging to balance of “Beylagan” and “Sabirabad Electric Networks” (EN) under supervision of Imishli Regional Electric Network (REN) as at all energy objects of “Azerenergy” JSC. According to the information given by REN to the Press – release of “Azerenergy” JSC, some repair and inspection work was implemented in order to increase work efficiency  of the equipments, some measures were carried out in the line of stabile and regular work of energy transmission and distribution systems and increasing of exploitation level.

As the source informed, repair work was operated at 6,7 km part of “Yukhari Aran”, “Yagh zavodu”, “Sheher – 1”, “Sheher – 3” , “Sheher – 4” TL by 10 kV  coming out of  Beylagan s/s by 110 kV, at the same time,  “Eyvazlilar”, “Tezekend”, “Mentege” and at other TL by 10 kV coming out of the same tensioned  “Yeni Beylagan” s/s.

Repair – restoration work was also implemented at TL by 0,4 kV in the of winter season. By the way, line in about 3 km was capital  and maintenance repaired at “Eyvazlilar”, “Tezekend”, “Garallar”, “Turkler” and at other villages.

Lets` noted that, 23 different setting transformers were capital and maintenance repaired and put into operation during last three months of the current year.

Capital and maintenance repair work were implemented at about 5,6 km part of the I – III “Sheher”, “Javad”, “Narlig”, “Surra” and at other lines belonging to “Sabirabad” EN during last three months of the current year.

Lets` also noted that, 26 different powered transformers by 10/0,4 kV were capital and maintenance repaired  by the collaborators of the network  during last three months of the current year. By the way, more than 3,5 km part of TL by 0,4 kV belonging to the balance were  capital and maintenance repaired.

As the source informed,  at present the measures are continued in the line of successfully implementing of repair – restoration work.