Date : 04-08-18 12:00

A fire broke out again on August 4 at night, in the part of the protective strip of the 330 kV 1st Absheron and 500 kV 2nd Absheron transmission lines passing through the territory of Qarayazi village of Goychay district, which are of great importance for the safe operation of the power system.

As a result of the rapid response and preventive measures of the Central Dispatching Point of “Azerenerji” JSC, there was no problem and no breakdown in the electricity supply of the country.

However, such events damage the overall power infrastructure, break the system's stability and cause serious consequences.

It should be noted that earlier such events have caused a number of problems.

That is to say, on August 2, a fire committed under the above-mentioned overhead power lines in the territory of Agsu district, called Agsu pass, created serious problems in normal operation of the power system.

Also, on July 12, at 15:30, a large-scale fire occurred simultaneously in Bijo village of Agsu district, 151 km away from Mingachevir city and the areas 20 km away from Khanabad village of Yevlakh district in the areas of overhead power lines.

The fire led to an accident in the electricity transmission system. The operative approach of the staff of “Azerenerji” JSC did not allow the emergence of the problem in the electricity supply.

We kindly ask the people to be attentive and very closely involved in the protection of the infrastructural facilities of the power system of vital importance for the country by demonstrating a civil position on this issue.