Energy system management

The energy management system is operative carried out by the system Central Dispatch Office Operator (CDO) .

The main purpose of the Central Dispatch Office - the management of electric power production and transmission of continuous compliance with the requirements of technical regulations and other regulations, sustainable and reliable electricity supply, as well as to ensure the quality of electricity supply.

CDO activities cover the following key areas:

Short-term planning and operational modes of the power system management; The concept of the electric power system, taking into account the long-term and in the long-term plans;

And in carrying out the technical condition of power facilities;

The development of automated control system;

The neighboring states (Russia, Iran and Georgia) with the energy systems of simultaneous (or truck Island mode) and agreed to the electricity (power) supply to be provided;

All entities of the system services (frequency and voltage regulation, to control the balance of the reserve force and power of the accident liquidation etc.) rendering;

Electricity (power) cross-border trade in transit and implementation;

Wholesale sales of electricity and other countries in the energy markets;

Participates in the development of international cooperation in the field of electric power. NDI's activities are carried out on the basis of a modern technological platform. Azerbaijan's energy system, the control system - SCADA / EMS / Telecommunications / energy accounting system "of electric power transmission system" project was carried out during the period of 2007-2011.

SCADA / EMS / Telecommunications System - "Azerenergy" JSC, which is belonging to the balance of power plants, substations and transmission lines in the state system, technological developments and changes in the real-time ability to monitor and manage the measures has a continuous basis, and is currently the object of 46 energy Covers. The system central control point, a reserve waiting in line (stand-by) mode Reserve Dispatch Center and five regional monitoring center operated through the implementation of automated dispatch control possible.

SCADA / EMS system, international communications protocols (ICCP) with the use of the energy systems of the neighboring country's energy system dispatching technology with SCADA systems provide data exchange.

Fibre-optic network communications equipment out of the phone system, creating a fully renovated, numerous customers in the power system is fast and reliable communication with the loss of the phone stations.

SCADA / EMS system has an open structure and consolidation of facilities maintenance system allows new energy.