Sharply changing of weather in November isn’t negatively influenced the equipments and installation  at the enterprise. The collective as always continued this work day in normal way. It was noted at the information given  by “Sumgait High Voltaged Electric Network” (HVEN) to the Press – release of “Azerenergy” JSC.

As the source informed, auto transformers and their equipments were capital repaired at “Yashma” s/s by 330 kV, at the same time, cleaning work  was carried out at open type distribution installation. Analogical reconstruction and repair work were carried out at “Sanaye govshaghi”  s/s by 220 kV. So that, beside repair work of auto transformers, the II and III “Sanaye govshaghi”  TL, the I “Poladeritme” TL and their subsidiary equipments were  maintenance repaired and put into normal work regime.  Repair and reconstruction work were also implemented at Sumgait – 3 s/s by 110 kV. So that, the transformer by 63 MVA was repaired there, insulating gas circuit breakers and their subsidiary equipments were maintenance repaired at the V, VII, VIII Sumgait, the II “Sulfanol” and the III “Senaye Govshaghi” TL.

Lets’  noted that,   relevant repair – restoration work were implemented at TL belonging to HVEN balance. Loop lines were repaired at the I and VIII “Absheron” TL by 330 kV. Different setting repair work were executed at “Khachmaz” TL  by 330 kV and at “Yashma” TL by 220.

Lets` noted that, swimming pool in 92 cubic/m was repaired at “Jeyranbatan” s/s in accordance to fire safety. Automatic fire extinguisher installations were controlled at “Yashma” s/s by 330 kV. A lot of measures were  implemented in the line of preventing of fire accidents at the production areas and construction squares by engineering – technical workers, employees. At the same time, the territory was cleaned of dry grass, fire level of oil capacious electrical equipments were controlled and was put into normal work regime.

As the source informed, some important measures were implemented for supplying of normal work regime at the I and II  Shamakhi line of Shamakhi and Gobustan regions. The insulators were supplied with much more quality ones at the line from Aghsu to  Shamakhi.

It should be noted at the end that, one of the main orders standing in front of us is capital repairing of auto transformer number 1 by 200 MVA at “Yashma” s/s. In additional,  construction of new and much more powerful transformers are intended at  “Senaye Govshaghi”, “Kimyachilar”, “Jeyranbatan”, “Sitalchay”, “Khezri” and at other s/s. By the way, the  equipments for this purpose have been already brought to the territory.