Measures plan is prepared and carried out in order to supply the consumers  with regular electric power during autumn – winter season, increase of maximal energy transmission opportunity, decrease of energy transmission and distribution losses at Regional Electric Network.

Some capital and maintenance repair work were implemented at Sumgait Regional Electric Network  in order to organize much more regular electric power supply at the official territories.

According to the information given by above started “Gobustan Electric Network” (EN) to the Press – release of “Azerenergy” JSC, oil circuit breakers by 35 kV, 24 oil circuit breakers by 10 kV were repaired and 4 new current transformers were constructed at  “Gobustan”  “Sheher” s/s by 35 kV. At the same time, implemented at “Nerimanov”, “Tekle” and at other s/s, by the way, different tensioned 3 oil circuit breakers were repaired and 3 ones were constructed.  Seven stands and 1,5 km length wire were changed at “Shamakhi – Gobustan” TL.

Lets` remind that, 69 TP, different powered 3 transformers were repaired, more than 700 m different marked cables were changed. Beside all of that,  different setting repair work were implemented at “Arabgedim”, “Maraza”, “Takla” and at other TL, 54 stands and about 5 km wire were substituted with new ones.

Under the information given by “Khirdalan” EN to the Press – release of “Azerenergy” JSC, different setting reconstruction and repair work were implemented there. So that, 5 transformers were capital repaired and one complete transformer point (CTP) was constructed  in accordance to Khirdalan city. At the same time, 3,2 km conductor and 579 m  cable were substituted with new ones, 320 m SIL type cable was installed.

Lets` also noted that, capital repair work was also implemented at “Chayli” s/s by 35 kV and one transformer was substituted with much more powerful one (63 KVA 250 KVA).

It should be noted that, analogical repair work were also implemented at Guzdek, Hokmeli, Masazir, Gobustan and Gobu villages. More than 7,6 km cable was  substituted with new one, more than 900 m SIL type cable was installed, 2 transformers were substituted with much more powerful ones, 3 transformers were repaired and 10 stands were constructed.