Preparation to autumn – winter season is continued at energy enterprises of the republic. Purposeful measures are continued at “Imishli Regional Electric Network” in accordance to plan – graphic. Carried out and continued work  make opportunity for decreasing of technical losses to minimum and much more improving of exploitation level of the networks.

According to the information given by the enterprise to the Press – release of “Azerenergy” JSC, different setting repair work were implemented at TL by 10  and 6 kV coming out of  “Imishli” s/s by 110 kV, “Mugan”, “Resullu”, “Serkhanli” s/s by 35 kV and other s/s. By the way,   10 km part of these lines were capital repaired. At the same time, more than 13 km line by 0,4 kV and some lines at Garalar, Otuziki, Garavelli and other villages were repaired.

Lets` noted that, repair work was also implemented at the transformers and complete transformer points (TP, CTP). So that, different powered 162 transformers  were capital and maintenance repaired under mentioned enterprises.

More than 8 km distance of lines by 10 kV coming out of “Kurdamir” and “Deyirman”, “Sighirli” s/s by 110 kV were repaired according to “Kurdamir” EN.  In additional, repair work was implemented at about 11 km part of Sighirli, Jarli, Shahbeyli, Gochali, Erebgubali, Garabujag, Khirdapay, Dayikazimli, Garahajili, Shilyan, Shahseven, Pirili, Chol – Ereb villages and at the territory of Kurdamir city.

By the way, different setting repair work were operated at 94 transformers belonging to the enterprise balance.

Under the information given by “Saatli” EN, repair work was implemented at about 15 km distance of the I “Sheher”, the II “Sheher”, “Moskva”, “Ukrayna”, “Mentege” TL coming out of the s/s by 110 and 35 kV. About 10 km distance of  TL by 0,4 kV was repaired at the enterprise service territory.

It should be noted at the end, beside all of that, 86 different powerful transformers were repaired and put into operation.