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Last months, some important repair – restoration work were implemented at the s/s and TL belonging to the balance of Imishli Regional Electric Network” (REN) in order to create much more regular electric power supply at the service territories. In general, measures plan was prepared and carried out  in the line of  preparation to autumn – winter season. Capital and maintenance repair work were successfully  over at “Nizami”, “Renjberliler”, “Mekteb”, “Avtobaza”, “Husulu”, “Karyer” TL by 10 kV coming out of “Aghjabadi” s/s by 110/35/10 kV and “Sheher”, “Kokeltme” TL by 10 kV coming out of “Aghjabadi – 2” s/s by 35/10 kV in accordance to the measures plan. It was noted in the information given by the enterprise to the Press – release of “Azerenergy” JSC.

Relevant repair – restoration work were also carried out at energy carriers by 0,4 kV of Giyamdinli, Renjberliler, Tezekend, Poladli, Avshar, Husulu, Garadolag, Hindarkh, Sarijili villages. Lets` noted that, 98 different powered transformers by 10/0,4 kV were capital and maintenance repaired under Aghjabadi region during 9 months of the current year.

Corresponding measures were operated according to “Fuzuli” electric network belonging to the REN balance. Executed repair work at Hospital TL by 6 kV coming out of “Boyuk Harami”  s/s, “Alkhanli” and “Gabala” TL by 10 kV coming out of “Mahmudlu” s/s by 35/10 kV are belonging to the measures plan.

As the source informed, TL by 0,4 kV in 9 km distance was capital and maintenance repaired at Gazakhlar, Babi, Shukurbeyli, Yaghlivend, Boyuk Behmenli, Mahmudlu, Araz Dilagharda villages and Horadiz city.

In additional, 24 different powered transformers by 10/0,4 kV were repaired and put into normal  work regime at Fuzuli.

“Zardab” electric network is also in the center of the attention. So that, reconstruction work were carried out at TL by 10 kV. Lets` noted that, about 9 km line was repaired.

Repair work of TL by 0,4 kV in 9 km feeding of Challi, Gelme, Elvend, Bichagchi, Shikhbaghi, Aghabaghi, Aghamalilar, Mehtililer villages and Zardab city. Twenty different powered  transformers by 10/0,4 kV  were capital and maintenance repaired according to Zardab and put into normal work regime during last 9 months.

Lets` also noted that, carried out analogical measures make opportunity for regular and without accident work of s/s and TL.