Regularity was much more increased at the region energy economy as a result of carried  out purposeful measures at “Shaki Regional Electric Network”, during last  period.

According to the information given by mentioned enterprise  to the Press – release of “Azerenergy” JSC, capital and maintenance repair work were implemented at the s/s in order to much more strengthened electric power supply.

Reconstruction work were also carried out at the II “Shaki”, the I, II “Zagatala”, “Oghuz”, “Shorsu”, “Cheshmeli”, “Takhilchilig”, “Basgal” and “Mukhakh” TL by 110/35 kV. So that, different numbered  TL and insulators were substituted with new ones there. In additional, the trace surrounded TL was cleaned of tress and bushes.

Analogical repair work were implemented at the s/s by 110/35 kV. Repair work of “Alibeyli”, “Behmetli”, “Balakan”  s/s by 110/35/10 kV are also included to these type work. As the source informed, carried out work will make opportunity for supplying of the consumers with quality electric power.

There type of work were also implemented at “Cheshmeli” s/s. According to the information given by energy object, input oil circuit breaker by 35 kV of the transformer by 1,6 MVA was changed.

Regular and irregular directions, contrary accident trainings were carried out beside the reconstruction work.

Territory of all s/s were cleaned of dry grass, primary fire extinguisher means were controlled and inventory was checked.