A lot of important steps are taken in the line of totally reconstruction of available network including to “Baghlar Power Plant”. Concrete stops were grounded, cables were renewed, high quality transformers were constructed in the line of reconstruction work. Open type cables by 0,4 kV were substituted with SIL type cables in about 90 % territory.
It was noted in the information given by mentioned enterprise to the Press – release of “Azerenergy” JSC.
As the source informed, construction of smart – card type meters were begun since September of last year. More than 2900 meters were constructed till today. These type work are carried out in Novkhani and Mahammadli villages, Jorat baghlari, at the same time, Novkhani baghlari. The number of constructed meters in the subscribers consumers group is more than 30.
Lets` noted that, the number of the consumer whom have to be constructed smart – card type meters are approximately 23 000. The number of subscriber consumers are about 600. much more part of them are seasonal characteristic objects.
Lets` also noted under the source, new constructed meters are much more progressive. So that, totally repayment of new meter power fee, not use of more power by the consumer, preventing of connecting of additional power make opportunity of much more supply with quality and regular electric power of the consumers.
By the way, there is debtor debt problem there as in everywhere. The value of old debts are decreased as a result of construction of smart – card type metes at these territories.