Reconstruction work is carried out at energy economy of the region center, villages and settlements  in order to increase the exploitation level of “Saatli Electric Network”. SIL type cables are installed, new transformer points were constructed, much more quality stands are constructed where necessary.

According to the information given by “Saatli” EN to the Press – release of “Azerenergy” JSC, 203 km SIL type cable was installed at the region territory till today and 6500 smart – card  type meter were constructed. At the same time, construction of electron meters are continued at the villages. At present,  construction of about 500 these type meters are planned for the people consumer group.

Lets` noted that, the transformer by 25 MVA was connected to the network at “Sarijalar” s/s by 110/35/10 kV feeding of approximately 5 thousand subscribers in  the line of preparation work to autumn – winter season. Capital repair work were carried out at the transformers by 20 and 16 MVA and were put into operation.

It should be noted that, intended necessary measures were implemented at the transmission lines. At the same time, spot – checks are carried out in the line of preventing of illegally use of electric power at the network. The corresponding measures are carried out against illegally use of electric power.